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DRUMZZ Trek 800 - Multifunctional Hand Crank Radio Bluetooth Speaker with AESTHETIC CAMPING LANTERN

DRUMZZ Trek 800 - Multifunctional Hand Crank Radio Bluetooth Speaker with AESTHETIC CAMPING LANTERN

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DRUMZZ Trek 800 - Born to Explore

True to its name, Trek 800 makes a perfect portable companion in rugged outdoor conditions. IPX6 rated waterproof design, ABS material along with a TPU rugged protection frame makes it shockproof and gives effective protection from dust. Don’t leave your music behind and take your DRUMZZ Trek 800 to sandy beaches or go on adventure trails without fear.

With Bluetooth version 5.0 this portable waterproof speaker lets you experience flawless connection stability, faster pairing, reduced delay and low power consumption. Enjoy quality wireless streaming with 14 watts of stereo output without losing the audio quality. Digital AM / FM radio with its super clear reception is always available for you to connect with your favorite radio jockeys & diggin 'into their melodious shows. 

Trek 800 is full of features or rather tools that you will surely need while you are on your adventure trips, bright pointing flashlight to help you pass through the dark n dense patches and of course reading light will come handy when you decide to lie down in your camp n catch back on your reading ritual.

Focus on your adventures and let Trek 800 give you a hands free experience by using a strong handle to hang it to your backpack.

  • 14 Watts of Stereo Output - Bluetooth V 5.0, 14 Watts of Stereo Clear Quality audio with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. Loud and clear sound can fully meet home and outdoor use.


  • 5 Band Preset Equalizer - DRUMZZ Trek 800 Bluetooth Speakers is designed and built with a feature that enables you to switch between different audio settings. Simply click the EQ button to switch between 5 preset sound settings like Balanced for natural hi-fi sound, Bass Booster for rich deep bass, Vocal Booster for clear and louder vocals, Treble Booster for crispy highs and Enhanced Sound for notch up volume with clarity.

  • IPX6 WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Trek 800 can accompany you as your favorite companion in all your outdoor adventures. This waterproof bluetooth radio speaker is perfect for the beach, camping, forest, boat, trekking & hiking.

  • AM FM AUTO SCAN RADIO - Knowing the inconvenience caused by manual channel tuning, our engineers have greatly designed this radio. All you need to do is simply switch to the radio mode and press the search button, it will automatically search and store all the receptive channels. Once channels are saved you can simply switch between them and enjoy the music.

  • RECHARGEABLE 5000mAH CELL PHONE CHARGER - A great power bank for your phone. Built in with 5000 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery this bluetooth speaker and radio are leading in its category with such a big battery and provides longer play times for all its features.

  • Solar Charging, Hand Crank Generator & C Type Power Source -  3 ways of recharging your Trek 800, Solar panel automatically charges your device once you are out in the open and the solar panel is exposed to sunlight light. Plugging in your Trek 800 using Type C fast charging can fully charge your 5000 mAh battery in 3.5 Hours. And in case of an emergency, count on the hand crank charging to recharge your device and this can be very useful and specially in emergency situations. 

  • AESTHETIC COLLAPSIBLE LANTERN, FLASHLIGHT & SOS Alarm -  If you are camping or in an emergency situation, SOS alarm and light source are very necessary. This portable emergency radio can provide a 1.5W flashlight with a distance of more than 25M. The collapsible lantern reading light is also convenient for reading documents in dark conditions and works as an Aesthetic Lamp. SOS alert can be heard till 200m distance.

  • Worry-Free Warranty - At DRUMZZ, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with a 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

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Can I buy it on EMI?

Yes, 3 Months Interest Free EMI is available.

What are the key features of this product?

Bluetooth version 5.0,14W of stereo output

AM FM Radio, 5000 mAH Battery, Aesthetic Lantern

How long does the battery last?

Built with 5000mAH rechargeable lithium polymer battery which provides you longer playtime. 

Use time:- Bluetooth 12H; Radio 13H; Torch 12H; Camping light 10H (When used individually continuously)

How much time does it take to charge?

Built with 3 ways for charging 

Type C charging can charge 5000mAH battery in around 3 - 3.5 hours. ( Monitored on Display)

Solar panel will automatically charge if it keeps getting Bright Sunlight. 

Hand Crank Generator - In case of an emergency situation like Floods, EarthQuake, War Etc 

In such a situation the Hand Crank Generator will be the best life saving companion to charge the device by just rotating the liver.

Can we travel with it?

Yes, you can enjoy travel, camping, trekking with this multifunctional Product. If you are camping lanterns, SOS alarm, flashlight are very necessary. The collapsible lantern is very convenient for reading documents in dark conditions and works as an aesthetic Lamp.This portable speaker can provide a 1.5 W flashlight with a distance of more than 25 M. SOS alarm can be heard till 200 m distance.

Any warranty of the product?

We support all our products with a 12 months warranty with a dedicated proactive customer support team and Since it is our own manufacturing, we support & service the product even after the warranty period.

What about the sound quality?

Sound quality is really good with 14W of stereo output built with 5 band preset equalizer toggle switch to change and enjoy the different sounds as per your choice & taste. You & your family can enjoy watching a movie with just Lantern Light & Stereo Audio effects  Or Enjoy dancing on great tunes with your family. 

Is this a waterproof speaker? 

Yes it is an IPX6 waterproof multifunctional product. You can enjoy camping, trekking, hiking and can even be used in the rain.

Does it have a radio? 

Yes, it's built with 2 band Radio(AM/ FM) with an auto scan function & memory to save all stations. It has a telescopic antenna for better reception of Radio Signals even in remote areas.

What types of lights are there in this product? 

Beautiful Aesthetic Lantern with 3 different light modes. The Torch also has two modes - High Beam & Flash. Another great feature is the SOS alarm which is very helpful in case of emergency.

Does it work like a Powerbank?

Yes, it has a power bank function. You can easily charge your phone with this feature.

How is the Built Quality of the product?

Product is manufactured using premium quality raw material and hence the built quality is really superior & increases the overall lifespan of the product.