About Us


At DRUMZZ, we value our relationships, with intention of maintaining and building them. We believe in practicing our core values and ethics so you can count on us for fair transactions. We believe in offering value propositions for wide range of customer base, which we are sure you will notice in our product catalog. Over the years we have built a strong team of individuals who take care of different aspects of running the venture successfully.

DRUMZZ is a brand conceived by family who have been into electronics manufacturing in India for more than 4 decades. Now with the new generation zealing into the business under the aegis of experienced and veteran seniors,we are to provide you with wide range of great quality audio and video products.

Our Story

We are an Indian home grown brand advocating government’s encouragement to ‘Make in India’ initiative. Having been in this area of electronics, it was time to branch out into online E-commerce. Internet is a boon for this particular reason as it helps us tie direct relationship with each customer, to understand their likes and dislikes, understanding their needs were some from various other things we observed. We have pushed our limits to come out with new and innovative products for the audience. We were not looking for profit but to deliver quality products at affordable range for our customers.